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An overview of our research – the 2016-2019 results

The first project results concerning the years 2016-2019, have been published, after their presentation in the annual DEGUWA conference (April 2019). The paper published in the peer-reviewed journal Skyllis, further discusses the relationship between vernacular shipbuilding and sponge-fishing. The paper is in English, and you can read here:

The first research results have been published (December 2019)

Following an intense 4-year research period, the first results have been published in the Athens Review for Archaeology (AURA). The paper is in Greek, and you can read here:Στα_μονοπάτια_της_παράδοσης_καταγραφή_και_προστασία_της_ξυλοναυπηγικής_στην_Κύπρο

Two more papers are in press: the first concerns the Limassol shipbuilding community and will appear in the IKUWA 6 proceedings. The second gives an overview of the IMCH project and explores the relationship between shipbuilding and sponge-fishing in Cyprus (to be published in the peer-reviewed journal Skyllis). Stay tuned for more updates!