About Us

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Vasilis Shiakallis from Morphou, building Argo I, a karavoskaro, at his open-air shipyard at Karavostasi (photo courtesy of Palladios Nicolaou).

The research project


The Intangible Maritime Cultural Heritage Project began in 2016, as a small-scale project aiming to record vernacular shipbuilding in Cyprus. It has since developed to a large-scale project due to the wealth of information recorded and the material culture itself.

The project focuses on the vernacular maritime professions (e.g. shipbuilding, fishing, sponge diving, making sails for vessels) and the role of traditional craftsmen in their communities. One of the main goals is to record each craft and create educational material for children and adults, as the primary means of understanding, preserving and promoting our heritage.

Our team is currently recording the vernacular shipbuilding in Cyprus from the 18th century onwards: this has resulted in the reconstruction of the development of the craft, the chains of technology transfer and the creation of a database for documentation and research purposes. The material will be used in the creation of educational booklets in the following months, so check our news page for future updates about it.

Meet the Team

Maria Ktori

Project Founder and Director

Maria is a Maritime Archaeologist, with diverse field experience spanning over the course of more than ten years. She holds a BA in History and Archaeology, a MA in Early Celtic Studies, and a MA in Field Archaeology on Land and Under the Sea. She is a doctoral candidate in Byzantine Studies and the Latin East. Maria's research interests include coastal Geoarchaeology, medieval coastal settlement patterns,  medieval cartography and the maritime landscape (especially during the Middle Ages). Her love for the convergence of maritime and intangible cultural heritage elements, led her in founding the IMCH Project in 2016.

Read more on her research here: https://ucy.academia.edu/MariaKtori

Simoni Pelekani-Panayiotou

Educational Associate

Simoni is an Educator, holding a BA in Primary School Teaching, and a MFA. She has been teaching Art classes in primary schools for over twenty years. Simoni focuses on transmitting art and cultural values to children, nurturing them into becoming sensitized citizens. She explores different teaching methods to transmit values effectively, blending elements from other sciences to maximize the cross-pollination of ideas.

Internship opportunities

Our project offers internship opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students from the following disciplines: Archaeology, History, Naval Architecture, Cultural Heritage Management, Anthropology (Social, Cultural). Send as a message via our form with the subject title "Internship", to help you with the process and answer any questions you may have.